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Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool is for you if:

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🔍 You’re tired of spending hours on manual keyword research!


Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Surfer's Keyword Research tool?

Your website is built around a single, broad theme - you can think of this as the foundation of a home. This theme is supported by pillar pages, which are supported by their own pages too. Topic clusters allow you to effectively cover your theme ensuring you’re filling content gaps and building topical authority.

Surfer's Keyword Research handles the creation of clusters for you with just a few clicks. Your well-structured content will comprehensively cover a topic, which will be rewarded by Google and will keep your audience glued to your site.

Does Keyword Research group keywords together?

Yes! Keyword Research groups keywords that relate to each other and to a search intent in a single topic cluster. Topic clusters are great for organizing your content around a single topic or theme. You'll also get information on monthly search volume for the keywords, and how difficult it will be to rank for each cluster - pretty neat, right?

Does Keyword Research recognise search intent?

Yes! Keyword Research employs the power of machine learning to associate search intent with topic clusters. Surfer identifies Local, Customer Investigation, Informational, and Shopping search intents. Thanks to this, you can confidently select topic clusters knowing the keywords will work for you.

Who should use Surfer's Keyword Research tool?

Simply put, everyone who wants to save time on researching and grouping keywords.

Traditional keyword research is too slow and focused on singular keywords. Surfer analyzes mountains of data to identify the most impactful content ideas for your main keyword. The broader the keyword, the more suggestions for your articles and landing pages. We’re talking about dozens or even hundreds of topics! You’ll get all of that in a matter of seconds… okay, maybe a few minutes, tops!

There’s no other tool like Surfer on the market, and we say this with confidence. Surfer will provide you with a comprehensive content plan for months. If that’s not exciting enough, you can track the progress of content creation inside Surfer's Keyword Research Tool at any time!

How does Surfer work?

Surfer is a Content Intelligence solution that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

It uses NLP solutions, machine learning, an analysis of over 500 web signals, and more. All guidelines are real-time, competition-based, and Google-compliant.

With all the research done for you by Keyword Research and Content Editor letting you know how to best optimize your article, you’ll free hours of your time. To close the loop, Audit add-ons will help you monitor, manage, and improve your content process, regardless if you work alone or in a big team. For even more in-depth SEO data, be sure to add the SERP Analyzer add-on to your toolset!

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

What languages does Surfer support?

Surfer works with most languages! A full list of supported languages is available in our Knowledge Base.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by agencies, in-house teams and individuals who want to power-up their content marketing strategy and skyrocket organic traffic from their blogs. Surfer community grows every day and currently includes 18 645+ customers from 159+ countries, and over 233 422 active users. Among them are well-known brands, such as: Jasper, FedEx, ClickUp, Lenovo, Opera, Square, Shopify, FreshBooks and, hopefully, you! 🤞

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards (monthly & yearly subscriptions), and bank transfers (yearly subscriptions only). We do not support PayPal payments.